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Boat docks, boathouses, and shorelines.


One of Knoxville's greatest attributes is the plethora of rivers and lakes in the area. Thousands of East Tennesseans live on the water, and most of these homeowners will at some point have to construct something new or repair/renovate an existing waterfront structure. For those individuals, Earthadelic is a name you can trust. With full-scale design, landscape and construction departments, Earthadelic is able to handle waterfront construction projects from start to finish. Earthadelic also brings a comprehensive approach to each waterfront project since they often involve a variety of important factors like flooding, water runoff, steep embankments, TVA restrictions, etc.

Services include boat dock construction and repair, boathouse construction and renovation, sea wall construction, artificial beaches, boat ramps, rip rap, and shoreline solutions (repair, runoff prevention, and beautification). Call 865-806-1125 to schedule a consultation or request an appointment online.

Our service area includes Fort Loudoun Lake, Douglas Lake, Melton Hill Lake, Tellico Lake, the Clinch River, the Tennessee River, the Holston River, the Little River, and others. Call us at 865-806-1125 to see if we're going to be in your area.

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