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Architectural elements that add pop to your landscape.

Landscape Structure Design

We provide Knoxville, TN and the surrounding areas with professionally designed decks, pergolas, trellises and covered porches, along with arbors, pool/spa decks and other specialty structures for your home and garden.

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Outdoor Structures


All of our decks are custom designed to integrate with your home's style and natural surroundings. This enhances the aesthetic appeal, creates minimal landscape disturbance, and adds to the functional uses of your deck.


The beauty of a handcrafted pergola is that it is open to the air while providing partial shade and privacy. Of course, a pergola also offers a magnificent architectural presence. Choose from cedar, treated pine, or composite materials.


Add a unique look with an elegant garden arbor. Arbors are structures that someone passes through, like an archway in a garden. Multiple varieties of climbing vines will add visual interest at different times of the year.


Trellises add that extra touch of elegance to your garden setting. Trellises are used to add a decorative accent to exterior walls. They can be functional, too, adding support to climbing flowers, grapes and swings.


A gazebo is a pavilion structure, sometimes octagonal, for your garden. Consider it a welcoming oasis on a hot summer day. It's the perfect location for entertaining or enjoying a quiet moment to yourself.


Fencing is a way to define your property, secure sections of your yard, and provide privacy. Gone are the days of ugly chainlink fencing. Today's fences integrate different materials with unique finishing touches for added visual appeal.

Gates & Passages

Gates can be a focal point in your garden, leading from one section to another. A fully covered passageway—an arbor—is also a great addition to formal landscapes. Wood, metal, and composites are common gate materials.

Covered Patios

A covered patio offers shelter from rain, and also helps protect your outdoor furniture. Covered patios can be simple structures, or they can take on the persona of the home with masonry knee walls, slate roofs, and exposed timber beams.


Wooden bridges are used in the landscape as a focal point in addition to the obvious use of traversing over a stream or water feature. We can design your structure for foot traffic, light vehicle traffic, or commercial vehicle traffic.

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