CITY:Louisville, TN


A picturesque, waterfront home on the Tennessee River received a turnkey design/build product from Earthadelic in 2020. An unused portion of the property was completely reimagined as an outdoor pool destination complete with covered patio/fireplace, kitchen, and dining area.

Touching on all of Earthadelic's in-house services, this outdoor living space combined modern technology with savvy design and classic building materials for an addition that can truly stand the test of time. A 100% satisfied homeowner made all the extra effort worthwhile.

A Magical


The opportunity to build an entirely new outdoor living space on a waterfront home in East Tennessee is the opportunity of a lifetime. Earthadelic strives to help each homeowner explore options and decide on a plan that best suits their individual needs. In this situation, beautiful river views are captured from almost all angles of this project, and the disappearing pool edge blends seamlessly into the water below.



The homeowner's hopes, dreams, and inspirations were all assessed from the initial meeting, as well as many follow-up meetings. Different building materials were presented and a few different design concepts were sketched out. Earthadelic's landscape architects and designers kept in touch with the clients every step of the way. Because Earthadelic's design team and construction crews are all in-house, a seamless project is guaranteed from start to finish.

Staging &


Each project requires a carefully executed plan that starts with a carefully considered sequence of events. In this situation, pool contractors were scheduled far in advance to ensure availability, and coordination with the slate roofing specialty company was always a factor (since they were re-roofing the rest of the home at the same time).



This pool was built with colored aggregate walls and a natural stone pool deck and coping. LED pool lighting can be controlled remotely, and a classic fountain system was incorporated into the design that projects spouts of water into the air in graceful arches. The pool was also designed to allow for the infinity edge look by minimizing any walls or landscaping along the horizon line. Learn more about Earthadelic's pool construction services.

A Love for


A gourmet outdoor kitchen was central to the design of this space. Amenities include a full size stainless steel outdoor faucet/sink, outdoor refrigeration, an automatic ice maker, a Saffire™ charcoal grill, a Forno Venetzia™ pizza oven, and a Napoleon™ gas grill. Any chef would feel at home with these culinary tools at their disposal!



A wood-burning fireplace with gas fire starter anchors this outdoor living space. A site-built masonry firebox features a herringbone pattern, and the entire fireplace is done in Tennessee stone. Uplighting helps create a beautiful evening ambiance, and the circular seating arrangement makes fireside conversation a breeze. An outdoor television over the fireplace and a large overhead fan finish off the design.



One step down from the kitchen and patio level is a grand teak dining set that can accommodate a large crowd with ease. The umbrella allows for all-day dining by blocking the sun's heat, and the maintenance-free synthetic turf creates the natural look of grass but without the maintenance of mowing underneath a table.



Landscape lighting was a major consideration from the onset of the project because it extends the use into the evenings. Controlled remotely, different lighting schemes can be planned by the homeowner, and then adjusted as needed. The LED bulb temperatures were matched with the rest of the home's outdoor lighting for a seamless look.



Pool fountains serve a variety of purposes. First and foremost, they look stunning and add considerable character and interest to any landscape. The soothing sound of falling water is also healthy for mind and body. From a maintenance point of view, movement on the surface helps keep the water in constant motion, which reduces algae growth and helps with circulation and filtration.



The homeowners chose a variety of colorful wildflowers and ornamentals to provide year-round blooms. The fragrant flowers also attract pollinators like bees and butterflies. A space for a kitchen garden ensures that fresh herbs and spices are always within reach.



Local Tennessee sandstone was the primary building material used on this project. The drystack look is uniquely East Tennessee and contrasts nicely with the home's warm brick exterior. The same stone was used for the pool coping, pool deck, chimney, walls, and outdoor kitchen countertops. Buff-colored, smooth riverstone was used in drainage beds. Learn more about hardscaping.



Following in Earthadelic's tradition of expert carpentry, the timber framing structure was hand-hewn using a 19th century adze. These tools have been used for thousands of years to shape wood by hand. Today, they allow our team to create truly one-of-a-kind works of art for our clients.

Lounging in


A large area of the terrace was devoted to chaise lounge chairs so that the homeowners and guests have a place to sit back, relax, and enjoy the sunshine. Synthetic green grass underneath provide the look of a freshly-mown lawn, but with literally zero maintenance. Say goodbye to moving chairs every time the lawn needs to be mowed.



Some of the finishing touches on this project included copper finials, copper gutters, copper downspouts, and decorative rain chains. Adirondack chairs provide seating, and all pool equipment was hidden in a storage area.



All of Earthadelic's landscape and construction work is covered by a full 1-year warranty. Some homeowners will elect to hire Earthadelic for seasonal maintenance, mowing, and other routine lawn maintenance services, which helps to free up time for the homeowner and lets the Earthadelic team's in-depth knowledge of their property continue to be put to good use.



"This project challenged us with the obstacle of tying in new features with existing structures. Blending the original and the new design elements turned out beautifully. The results are absolutely staggering."

Grant Smith, Landscape Architect at Earthadelic