It’s pool season and we’ve been getting a lot of requests for pool deck overlays. So, we asked one of our representatives, Jonathan Wilons, to answer a few questions to help others decide if you should consider a pool deck overlay this season.

Kelly: What exactly is a pool deck overlay?
Jonathan: A pool deck overlay is an installation of 40 or 60 ml pavers, travertine, (or whatever material you choose) over the top of an existing concrete pool surface. When you do a pool overlay, you can also remodel the existing coping to give the whole pool an updated look.

Kelly: Who should consider getting a pool overlay? How do you know when your pool is in bad condition?
Jonathan: An overlay is in bad condition when the concrete has visible cracks or damage. Anyone who wants to repair the damage or just upgrade the appearance of their pool could consider an overlay as an option.

Kelly: Why not just remove the concrete all together?
Removing the concrete can be an expensive route not to mention extremely invasive. An overlay is less expensive and faster to complete.

Kelly: What kind of materials can you use as the overlay?
Jonathan: Anything that can be installed on a sand or mastic base. Pavers and travertine are most popular with our customers. The important part is that the material should be thick enough. 40 or 60 ml or 1” travertine pavers.

Kelly: Can you explain how the process would go from beginning to end?
Jonathan: The first step is deciding you want to renovate your pool surface and finding a certified and licensed contractor to do the job. We provide free consultations at Earthadelic. Once you find a contractor, you want to start with a proper design and plan. After the installation, take the proper measures to upkeep the work.

Kelly: What are the proper maintenance measures?
Jonathan: An overlay requires the same maintenance as a paver patio. Keep it clean and re-sand the joints every 3-5 years.

Kelly: Will this increase the value of a home?
Jonathan: Well, a pool deck is 50% of the pool, so it will definitely increase the value of the pool area and help with the resale value of the home, especially if the existing concrete is cracked or damaged.

If you have any other questions you would like Jonathan to answer about overlays, comment below! We’d love to hear from you.

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