Outdoor Lighting is a Small Upgrade with a Big Impact!

It may be the holiday season now, and we all love the magical glow of the lights around a home. Why not keep that warm feeling all year? You can with outdoor lighting, which really makes your home look amazing while maximizing its value by giving it a “glow-up”. This simple upgrade gives your yard a warm glow while accentuating the focal points of your property, and not to mention the fact that the lighting is an extra safety feature for your home.

Here are just a few ways to incorporate landscape lighting into your home. (Of course, there are always more ways that Earthadelic can install lighting at your home, but there are only so many hours in the day 😉.)

1. Entrance

Entrance lighting is not only functional, but it makes your home more inviting! Adding sconces or spotlighting to the front entrance acts as a great safety feature and becomes especially helpful during the winter months when it gets dark so early in the evenings.

2. Pathway

Light the way! Explore the multitude of options available to light the pathways around your home. Whether you prefer a more traditional look or modern aesthetic with inset lighting, illuminating the paths and perimeters of an area provides a practical and stunning way to navigate around the outside of your home.

3. Atmospheric

Add a romantic glow to your surroundings with atmospheric lighting placed strategically around your patio or outdoor area. Have you ever walked through a five-star resort and noticed how your surroundings have a perfect glow as you walk back to your room from dinner? You can have that effect in your own home.  Also, outdoor lighting helps you carry on entertaining guests from day into evening. Illuminating the area seamlessly with lighting that turns on automatically when the sun goes down lets you flow into the evening with sophisticated elegance.

4. Pool

Pool lighting has evolved from the old standard bulb light. Now, LEDs can be installed in the pool, which is more energy-efficient and allows you to change the color of the lights. So, whether you are celebrating the Fourth of July and need a red, white, and blue pool or St. Patrick’s Day and want to replicate Chicago’s green water, you will be all set with LED pool lights. These lights can also come with smart features allowing you to control them directly from your phone or tablet.

5. Spotlights

Why only enjoy your yard during the day? Show off your beautiful landscape, even in the evening! Spotlights are a great way to add a powerful and dynamic view of your trees, shrubbery, or flowers. The uplighting from a spotlight offers an elegant, dramatic element to any home.

Now that we have explored a few options for investing in your future lighting enhancements, let’s look at some lighting types.

Six Landscape Lighting Methods

  1. Solar Powered
    1. Solar powered landscape lights allow for fast and easy installation. The lights activate every evening at dusk and do not require any hardwiring.
  2. Low Voltage
    1. Low voltage lighting in the landscape allows for faster installation times, lower power consumption, and is much safer for homes with small children.
  3. Standard Voltage
    1. In certain situations, it may make sense to use standard voltage outdoor lighting due to existing connections, but LED bulbs can still be utilized.
  4. LED Bulbs
    1. LED bulbs provide more light with dramatically less power consumption compared to standard voltage bulbs. There are many color choices for just the right glow.
  5. Remotely Controlled
    1. Your outdoor lighting sequence can now be controlled with your phone, tablet, or be integrated with an existing lighting control system.
  6. Natural Gas
    1. Gas lanterns are a wonderful way to add drama and old-world charm to your landscape. While expensive, the ambiance created is unrivaled.

Our expert designers can help guide you on what is perfect for your property.

Call Earthadelic today for a consultation: 865-806-1125.

In the meantime, keep on shining!


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