Welcome to 2022! After the last two years, homeowners are really rethinking how they look at and use their homes. Coming home (or working from home) and finding yourself in the oasis of your dreams is a top priority when trying to cultivate a happy life. Investing in your home is always a good idea. 

Here are five of the top home renovation and landscape design trends we see for 2022. 

 1. Swimming Pools and Spas 

Bring paradise to you! Swimming pools are the best way to cool off in the summer and add a glamourous touch to your backyard by creating your own mini-resort. We are seeing such unique trends with pool shapes, styles, features, and aspects of the area around the pool. Homeowners are opting for cabanas, outdoor showers, boulder jump rocks, and swim spas that cascade into the pool instead of the old traditional pool style. At Earthadelic, we install gunite pools, which gives ultimate flexibility for shape, size, and design. 

 2. Plants and materials that transport you to your favorite location 

Do you love the beach, or are you more of a fan of the Rocky Mountains? Maybe you prefer to go to the deep south to visit Charleston and Savannah. Or is your style more Tuscan? Whichever location you desire to retreat to, you can have a piece of it in your own yard by incorporating features like palms, boulders, Magnolias, Cyprus trees, or exotic herbs. We are seeing properties get brave with the type of plants or hardscape materials to bring a bit of their own personality into the mix and feel like they are living in their favorite destination. For instance, at a recent project, we planted palms by a beautiful pergola on the lake to add a tropical feel to the area. 

 3. Intentional design with sustainable and local materials 

Another trend is designing your home or garden with a unifying flow and using local and sustainable materials. This shift toward a space that promotes mental and physical wellbeing is called “intentional design” with the earth in mind. An area that is better for the planet and your stress levels is possible by using reclaimed wood, bamboo, or materials that preserve natural resources under intentional design principles. The technical term for these design principles is “Biophilic;” which emphasizes calming environments. 

 4. Side Hustle Spaces 

The reality of the side hustle is strong these days, and individuals are converting rooms into spaces where they can create or produce. Whether you are a full-time “solopreneur” or a part-time creator, people are converting underutilized spaces in their homes into studios and workshops. Knoxville is the “Maker City” after all, so it is only natural that this trend is booming around here. 

 5. Bringing nature indoors 

It is proven that getting outside and connecting with the earth and getting a breath of fresh air for at least 20 minutes a day can tremendously improve your mental health. Now, homeowners are taking it one step further by incorporating earthy elements in their homes. Some of these elements include large window banks that flood rooms with inviting light, natural wood, warm tones, cozy spaces with plants, and smart lighting that adjusts as the sun sets and rises.  

These are just a few trends that Earthadelic can help you create in your own home. We do everything custom to suit your space and your needs. Whether it’s building a pool, a major construction renovation project, or creating a landscape feature that allows you to transport yourself to a calm and serene place in your mind – Earthadelic can get you there. Give us a call or send us a message today, and let’s see how we can work together to transform your home. 

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