“If you don’t like the weather in East Tennessee, stick around!” That’s the phrase we’ve all heard uttered over and over about our hometowns. I’m here to tell you that it’s the truth! We’ve had some really amazing 70 degree days over the past few weeks but that has morphed back into cold and rain. Never fear though, spring is right around the corner and warmer weather will be here before you know it! So, it’s time to start thinking about your curb appeal! Here are some great ways that you can instantly add value to your home with just a little leg work out front!

Paint You Front Door

It seems so simple, but it is amazing how much this will make your home pop! Don’t be afraid of color! Your front door is the entrance to your home, so make it inviting and exciting! Feeling energized? The shutters and the rest of the house could probably use a fresh coat of paint too!

Replace Hardware

Those numbers indicating your address could probably use some updating! How about your door knockers? It doesn’t take long for your hardware to succumb to the elements. Find something that fits your style and show off your personality with this easy upgrade!

Mailbox Presentation

Boring mailboxes are a thing of the past. It’s time to get creative! Brick and stone mailboxes are an immediate way to show off your property. This is one of the first things that people see when they arrive at your home, don’t push it aside. Landscaping and greenery around it will really make it stand out! Just make sure not to do anything that will be intrusive to your mail delivery.

Garage Door Appeal

It’s easy just to forget about your garage doors, but on many homes these take up more space out front than anything else! Don’t let them detract from all of your other hard work! Look into options like painting, magnetic mountings, or go big with new stylish doors!

Build Out Your Porch

Most people tend to focus only on their back porch, but your front porch is your grand entrance! Treat it as such! Adding space out front for a sitting area or landscaping is a sure fire way to up your home value. Focus on symmetry if you can. A great front porch can bring the front of your home to life!

Clean! (for goodness sakes!)

Time to rent a pressure washer! You can go years and not notice your drive way slowly changing color; we see it all the time! Few things are as satisfying as pressure washing your driveway, sidewalks, paths, and even your house! You’ll be amazed at how great things look after this simple step!

Outdoor Furniture and Decorations

Now we’re getting to the fun stuff. This is where you can really show off your own personal tastes. Accent your curb appeal with furniture and decorations that will make your space the talk of the neighborhood! Vintage touches like a front porch swing are always big winners! Lastly, have fun with your welcome mat! It’s amazing how much you can say with a simple rug!

Potted Plants

Green is in. Flowers and assorted greenery is never a bad idea. Once again, you can show off your style with the type of pots you choose. We say, go big! Bring in those huge pots and make a statement!

Fence Maintenance

Fences aren’t just for the backyard. If you have a fence out front, make sure it’s in pristine condition. Replace broken or worn panels and hit it with a new coat of paint or stain. East Tennessee weather can do a number on our fences, so avoid costly replacements by maintaining them regularly.

Roofing? Gutters?

Sometimes you get into these projects and you see that you have some bigger issues. Very few things outside your home are more important than your roof and gutters! Inspect them regularly and be sure to make repairs quick before the damage gets worse. If you’re looking for a new look, gutters can now be styled to be either seamless or an amazing accent to your home. Give us a call and we can help you with that!


Just because the sun goes down doesn’t mean your curb appeal has to vanish! We specialize in landscaping lighting design and installation! You’ll be amazed at how far technology has come in this field! Give us a call today and we can start turning your home into an evening paradise that will make the entire town jealous!


Whether you need to spruce up and maintain your current landscaping or install new, it’s DIY 101 to keep things looking sharp if you want good curb appeal! In need of an overhaul? Now is the time to get it designed! We can put together a plan that will make you feel like your home belongs on HGTV! Our bread and butter is landscape design and installation, so let us do all the hard work for you this spring!

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