Special Edition: Waterfront Home Renovation!

This month, we’ll be taking a close look at a waterfront property we recently completed in West Knoxville. This renovation included knocking down walls, replacing all the flooring, adding doors and windows, remodeling a kitchen, adding a master bathroom suite, uplifting the exterior, a new deck construction, boat dock, and more! Phew! We also got to catch up with the homeowners to ask them a few questions about their renovation process and experience! But before we go any further, be sure to check out this virtual video tour of the project that will walk you through the whole house!:


Congratulations on your new home! How in the world did you guys find this gem and what was it about this house that made you decide to make it yours, knowing the amount of work you’d have to put in before it was move-in ready?

D&C: We have a realtor friend who is also a customer of Earthadelic. He had been eyeing this property for some time and when the seller finally agreed to list it, he preemptively approached us before putting it on the market.  The property speaks for itself.  Lake property in West Knoxville is very rare and usually very expensive.  The property had been in the same family since the mid 1800’s; and they weren’t looking for an outrageous amount of money for it.  The house was also very outdated.


What can you tell us about the house before renovations?

D&C: The original house was very partitioned and did not function well.  There were far too many small rooms that did not serve any purpose.  The open floor plan creates a large space in a small house which is very appealing because it no longer feels small.  The staircase was right in the middle of the main living room. That had to be moved. There were just way too many walls breaking it up. The front door was way off center also and the house needed more windows.


What were some of the major additions?
D&C: We added a full master bathroom and a master bedroom closet.  Added a front door, three French doors onto a partially covered deck which was new.  We added a front porch that is covered.  We also added a 2 slip boat dock and lots of landscaping.



Was there anything you wanted to include that you didn’t get to?

D&C: Landscape & Architectural outdoor lighting.  We would have liked to finish the basement also.  But we are not in a hurry.  Everything else is exactly what we had in mind.



What advice would you give someone that’s considering renovations or remodeling to their home?
D&C: I would think hard about the uses of your homes spaces and how they will function.  Think about clever ways to store things.  Have some plans drawn by a professional who specializes in the trade.







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