We all have experienced how enjoyable outdoor televisions can be having viewed them at our friends’ houses or favorite restaurants and watering holes. So I won’t spend any time espousing the virtues of them. Let’s dig into a few of the important considerations you should address carefully before selecting your devices and installing your outdoor TV.

Indoor TV vs Outdoor TV
There are TV’s made specifically for outdoor use that protect the inner components from water, dirt, insects, etc. They also have extra-bright non-glare LED panels to provide better viewing outdoors. Outdoor TVs also are significantly more expensive but if the incremental cost is not prohibitive you will likely get significantly more use from a TV made to be used outside.
If chosen location for the TV is highly protected from the elements, especially water, you can get several years of use from an outdoor TV. Some people upgrade their indoor TV’s every couple years so they use the old indoor TV’s to replace the outdoor TV’s when needed.
Note: Most indoor TV warranties are voided if the TV is operated outside.

TV Protection
It is highly recommended, whether the TV is designed to be indoor or outdoor, to provide it it with protection from natural elements. Protection comes in many forms from all-weather covers to custom or stock weatherproof TV cabinets. Be careful to make sure that when operating the TV is adequately vented as television generate a great deal of heat and heat buildup can cause catastrophic damage to the unit.

There are many factors to consider when selecting the location for your outdoor TV. Ask yourself:
• Where is the best spot for viewing?
A television should face the direction that it can be easily viewed and positioned where most viewers will be spending a lot of time.
• Where will it be best protected?
If possible, place the TV where it will be most protected from precipitation, wind and direct sunlight (this may be the single most important factor as exposure to direct sunlight can create internal temperatures that can seriously damage a TV)
• Where is the nearest power outlet and cable connection?
• Can the TV receive adequate wireless signal from this location? (If needed).

TV Mounts
The location you choose will dictate the style mount you use, e.g., wall, ceiling, pole. Make sure you use a heavy duty mount rated for outdoor use. It is also recommended you use a mount with a maximum range of articulation to allow you to adjust the screen direction to an optimal viewing angle.

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