January 2020
2020 Landscape Trends

“This year’s trends showcase how homeowners of all generations desire a striking, custom and well-maintained outdoor space that benefits their community and the environment.”
Britt Wood, CEO, National Association of Landscape Professionals
1. Ornate, Geometric Hardscaping
Intricate hardscaping patterns including waves, chevron, lattice, and basket weave are predicted to be popular. From walkways and patios to retaining walls and firepits, homeowners are looking to integrate popular home décor patterns into their hardscape designs.
2. Contemporary Landscape Design
Homeowners are seeking sleek, contemporary and simple landscape designs. Whether opting for an elegant outdoor kitchen, a sculpture, modern fireplace or water feature, we have been seeing an uptick in these request.
3. Shades of BLUE
Rich tones of blue are dominating paint forecasters’ choices for 2020 color of the year, and these cool colors are heading outside. Homeowners are bringing in more blues using water features and plants like blue fortune, delphinium, hydrangea, globe thistle, or grape hyacinth are adding touches of blue, too.
4. Gardens
Homeowners continue to add gardens into their landscapes but this year, they’re eyeing gardens that cater to their personal needs. For example, creating gardens for farm-to-table dining to planting gardens that produce favorite fruits, vegetables, or herbs.
Don’t have room for a typical garden? Go vertical!
5. High-tech water solutions
One-click, remote irrigation systems are gaining popularity. These systems deliver just the right amount of water to a landscape and can save homeowners money in the long run!
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“Top Landscaping Trends for 2020.” Builder, January 03, 2020,builderonline.com/design/top-landscaping-trends-for-2020.

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