The warm days in East Tennessee are finally coming to a close. The leaves are changing and fall is in the air! Crisp cold nights are here and its time to start using that beautiful wood pile you’ve been working on. It’s officially outdoor fire season!

Being outside is good for the soul and so very healthy for us. There is nothing more comforting than sitting around a fire with friends and family on a nice chilly night. An outdoor entertainment plan is easy when there is a cozy gathering place around a glowing porch or outdoor fire pit. Not only does fire provide a lovely form of heat, it is also aesthetically pleasing in an outdoor living room or backyard landscape. It is an intimate bonding experience that can release the stress of the day and will definitely be the favorite entertainment spot. No wonder outdoor fireplaces and fire pits are the most requested design feature for homes today!

There are countless options to choose from for every unique need and budget. Earthadelic is proud to have built literally hundreds of fireplaces and fire pits in the Knoxville area and each one is custom designed and expertly installed.

Outdoor Fire Pits

A backyard fire pit is not only cool to look at, it is functional as well. Adults and kids alike can enjoy the warmth and enchanting appeal of being fireside. Dinner can be cooked over an the open flame and don’t forget about roasting marshmallows and making smores for dessert!

There are a variety of materials that can be used in building a fire pit. Material options include stone, brick, paver, steel, concrete, to name a few. Each firepit is custom and the materials used can be pulled from an inspiration to compliment your home’s exterior. For a modern look – fire bowls can be used and are usually made from copper or stainless steel. A modern pool firepit with glass rocks looks stunning near a pool or water feature. Smokeless firepits are all the rave right now and can be a budget friendly option and can be placed anywhere outdoors.


Outdoor Fireplaces

Consider building a fireplace on a screened porch, patio, or deck. Having a fireplace in your backyard living room instantly makes a perfect place for entertaining and creates a dynamic focal point. Any area outdoors you choose, can be covered with a roof, pergola or can be freestanding. With a fireplace, you have more control over the fire than that of an outdoor pit and can combat the smoke with seasoned hardwoods like oak, maple, and hickory.

Masonry fireplaces can use materials to match the brickwork or stonework of your home. The size and shape of the structure will depend on the space given and needs of the homeowner. A hearth can be added as well as a mantel, lighting, and a storage place for wood to complete the look. Freestanding wood burning stoves can be installed on a deck for a more rustic feel. There are also gas fireplace inserts or electric fireplaces that are preferred by many. The options are endless and with the help of our highly experienced designers, you will surely find an outdoor fireplace design to suit your home’s architecture and your living style.

Fireplaces installed by our masons at Earthadelic will stand the test of time – they are built to last forever!

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