One of the things that sets Earthadelic apart from other companies is its professional design team which collaborate on the perfect design for every project. The award-winning Earthadelic Design Team consists of a talented group specializing in landscape, architecture, horticulture, native material sourcing, and elevated software technology that lets you digitally envision your space.

The Earthadelic process starts with a consultation with one of our experts knowledgeable in the type of project you are pursuing – whether it is an outdoor living space, swimming pool, sea wall, or construction renovation. During the consultation, your space will be evaluated, and you will have the opportunity for a detailed discussion that leads to the next most important step in the process – the design. Even if you are coming into the project unsure of what you want, our team has a knack for asking the right questions to help you figure out exactly what your home needs.

Top 3 Qualities of Earthadelic’s Design Team:

  1. Collaboration

Earthadelic has a staff of over seven designers (and growing) who all are professionally trained, with degrees in Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Plant Sciences, Landscape Design, and Construction Management. Since the majority of our projects require a multi-disciplined approach to accomplish the task at hand, our designers collaborate to bring you the best design possible. So, whether you are wanting an outdoor living room, swimming pool, backyard oasis, or a total home remodel – our team of experts make sure the right designers are on the job.

  1. Knowledge, Experience, and Technology

The number one quality our designers possess is the ability to listen. Each design we create is custom to your home, style, and, most importantly, the functionality you desire. Our team has a strong work ethic and strives to bring you a design that is above and beyond expectations. Nothing Earthadelic does is cookie-cutter; which shows in our designs and years of professional experience. We have a great mix of designers from different backgrounds and levels of experience, from designers who recently completed their master’s degrees bringing a fresh take to the table to designers who have been in the industry for many years, adding a seasoned approach to the project.

Additionally, each member of Earthadelic’s design team is trained in state-of-the-art technologies that allow each client to visualize the space and walk them through it. Our team is also always staying current with the different types of technologies available to bring an even more immersive experience to our clients.

  1. Creativity

Earthadelic’s designers have diverse interests that influence their designs and consider the impact of ecologically friendly designs and materials. Some designers pull inspiration from a myriad of classic landscape designers to Japanese architecture, to their own families – considering the practical needs of a living space. It is important for our designers to fit an aesthetic while also considering native plant species that create a habitat for pollinators and wildlife or the availability of beautiful stones and boulders that we have access to here in East Tennessee that someone in other parts of the country would be envious to procure.

Design is integral to the Earthadelic process and ensures the best possible outcome for your project.

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