You step onto your back porch and you see your neighbor’s yard overflowing with azaleas in bloom. As your children run through the back yard, you realize… It’s summer time! Your family can now enjoy the warm weather and it’s time for some color!

Whether you seek calm, relaxing, soft tones or bright, vibrant, energetic tones, low maintenance summer annual displays are a perfect idea! Typically, annual spaces are interchanged with color twice a year, depending on the season. Your yard can even have color through the cooler months with pansies, violas, and cabbages. For the spring, low-cost summer, and fall seasons there are limitless colors and variety to choose from. Annuals are low-cost plants and often come in flats of 15 or 18 and are usually in four-inch pots.  These beautiful flowers are often looked at as “one season and done”. This can be true, but for some, that’s part of the fun!

All summer annuals will grow to mature size within one or two months and will continue bloom until the first frost. Small pockets in existing bed space are great areas to fill with colorful summer blooms. If you don’t have a lot of yard space for a flower bed, containers or planters could be a great solution.

If you’d like advice and expertise on color combinations and arrangements for your yard, don’t hesitate to give us a call!

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