Having a pool in your backyard is one of the greatest investments one can make for their home. A pool not only increases a home’s value but also allows you vacation time without leaving your backyard. But, unless you were able to have your pool custom installed, you might not be 100% happy with it. However, there are many things you can do to improve the appearance and functionality to make it unique to your needs. We have 5 suggestions for you:

Pool deck overlay
An overlay is a process of laying a new material such as pavers or travertine over an existing deck to give it a whole new appearance. Most pool decks are a standard concrete like the one below but more and more people are opting for a new look when it comes to their pool surface. Many of our customers like travertine and it’s easy to see why. The difference is evident.

Read Pool Deck Overlay 101 for more information on overlays.

(Pictured: Morristown Project by Earthadelic. Pennsylvania Blue Stone Deck)

Outdoor Structures: Gazebos and Pergolas
Adding an outdoor structure such as a gazebo or pergola is an easy installation. Outdoor structures such as these add more gathering spaces and shade to your backyard. After all, not all your time is spent in the pool!

(via Pinterest)

A little landscaping can go a long way. While a pool is like a cake, landscaping is the icing on top. One of our clients opted to have a natural turf installed around her pool so she doesn’t have to worry about the maintenance and it looks clean cut all year round. Another one of our clients had us install evergreens around a side of their pool to serve as a privacy fence. There are many functionalities landscaping can add to your pool space as well as visual appeal.

(Pictured: Tanasi Project by Earthadelic)

Outdoor Lighting
Outdoor lighting is simply a no-brainer for two reasons. One, lighting allows you to enjoy your outdoor living space well after the sun goes down so you can enjoy your backyard without time restrictions. And two, after you’ve invested the time and money into an outdoor project, you should be able to see it at all times! Not to mention lighting adds dimensions and effects that create a beautiful ambiance at night.

(Pictured: Morristown Project by Earthadelic)

Go Green
Did you know that chlorine gas is considered a pesticide by the Environmental Protection Agency? While it is the most common chemical used for pool cleaning it can be very damaging to you and your family as well as your plants. However, there are many chlorine alternatives you can use that are better for your hair, skin, and the environment which use natural mineral sanitizers.

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