Pool Design and Outdoor Living

What is more relaxing than enjoying the great outdoors that East Tennessee has to offer? We have beautiful mountains, lakes and parks right at our fingertips. An even more convenient option to the great outdoors – is your very own backyard! Why should you have to travel to enjoy a luxury backyard experience when you can get the same high-end outdoor entertaining space in your Knoxville, TN backyard. Home should be a place you can unwind after a long day, make memories with your kids, relax, and entertain family guests (if your into that, wink wink). A uniquely designed pool accompanied by a beautiful and functional outdoor living space would turn your home from a backyard to an oasis. Those gatherings with friends and family will be easy to entertain!

Earthadelic Pool Design

The good news is, Earthadelic makes ideas come to life! Have you seen a dreamy pool picture or have you been thinking about your space for some time now? A simple vision is a good step to start the process with designing a pool. You can plan a pool and landscaping project in phases so an extravagant idea doesn’t seem daunting. Our experienced full service pool and landscape designers can lay out a customized plan to fit into your budget and needs. Already have a pool? Does it need some TLC? There are many creative solutions that could breathe new life into your outdated poolscape. From new pool construction, to existing pool renovations, our experts at Earthadelic can make a dramatic impact on your pool transformation.  The end result: a beautifully functional outdoor living area with a splash of fun!

Lets get to the fun part –  the details!

Expertly Designed Pools.

The designers and landscape architects at Earthadelic have been designing pools for some time now. Our pool portfolio is overflowing with epic pool designs that are unique to our customers’ needs and desires. There are a few simple steps our design team takes before they can jump into creating a space on paper. Our team will walk through the building process and answer any questions that may arise along the way. What is your lifestyle and how do you see living in your space currently and in the future? Do you prefer lounging on the perimeter and sticking your toes in the water – or are you more of a plunge in the water kind of person? Who will use the pool and how they use it will be an indicator of the elements our designers will implement into a plan. Budget and creative solutions in working with the topography of a space is all taken into account. The luxury pool feature is the fun part! Here are a few popular pool features that our showcase pools include:

Lazy Rivers:  Your probably thinking…lazy rivers are for Dollywood Splash Country and luxury kid-friendly hotels. Actually, these little rivers are the latest craze to hit the residential pool industry! Customizable jets can create arches of water which also create peaceful sounds and create a visually stunning show. If carefully planned, your lazy river will snake its way around your property and will allow your friends and family to float with ease. Waterfalls and bubblers can also create an interesting aesthetic while creating a relaxing atmosphere and interest to your pool.

Tanning Ledge:  A “sun shelf” or tanning ledge is making the list for the top common pool features for in ground residential pools. These ledges span along the pool perimeter and are similar to a wide, shallow step. They are about 4-8 feet in length and 3-18 inches deep. The more shallow depths are perfect for lounging or tanning and designed for you to lie on directly. Ledges built a bit deeper provide a perfect spot for a chaise lounger chair right in the pool, submerged in the water. In fact, a tanning ledge is a popular approach to use as an extended first step for the pool entry. The shape of the step can come in rectangles, semicircles, and customer free-form shapes. They can be wrapped in the same material as the inside of the pool or can be hardscaped to match the stones or rocks that are surrounding the pool or deck. An added feature would be to add a sleeve on the bottom of the ledge to accommodate an umbrella for added shade. Grab a drink and take a seat!


Dive Platforms:  I know what your thinking… diving boards are the best jumping apparatus for pools. Let me be the first to tell you, boulder jumping is now the “in” thing when it comes to pools and splashing. Children and adults alike will love jumping off a rock into your pool! Your diving rock should be easy to climb on and most are usually 12 inches tall when placed. Stone slabs, small boulders, and stone bridges, or dive platforms can be used to allow multiple diving points. Earthadelic can help you choose the best material for your pool design that is safe and pleasing to the eye.

Outdoor Living Features.

How do you like spending time in your home? Now that the pool is decided, what other elements would you incorporate to make your space functional and safe? Earthadelic is a turnkey landscaping and construction company that can take care of all thing inside and outside the home.

  • Cooking outside is always a great idea! East Tennessee is blessed with beautiful seasons and weather that can be enjoyed almost all year around. With that said, a barbecue area with an outdoor kitchen and bar to prep and cook food outdoors calls for a space of its own. These cooking areas are customized and can be simple or more elaborate which could include a full kitchen, pizza oven, flat top grill, or a well placed hardscaped area for a grill and bar, just to name a few.
  • Decks and porches can be added to the back of your home or pool for added space and a contrast of materials with natural wood or the the engineered variety. Our staff architect can provide the necessary drawings to ensure your project integrates seamlessly with your home and pool space.
  • Consider including a cabana or pool house that doubles as a convenient changing area and possible guest retreat. Your guests could be entertained by the pool and be accommodated for the night in an addition or free standing space adjacent to the pool.
  • Making sure your pool is safe for kids and guests is a must. Pool fencing and enclosures provide security and peace of mind. Fencing can add an elegant feel to your pool scape and adding landscape around the fencing can provide color and privacy to your outdoor oasis.

There are so many different options offered for a pool and the space around it. Earthadelic can introduce elements into your pool and outdoor living space that is unique to you and your story with functional materials, new ideas and features, and a landscape that is thoughtfully designed for your project. Our team is geared up and ready to tackle the pool of your dreams!


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