Like it or not, cold weather is just around the corner here in East Tennessee. That doesn’t mean you have to hole yourself up inside and wait for Spring though! We have plenty of great ideas for ways that you can spend these last few weeks of Fall getting your outside space prepped for Winter.

Complete Your Final Mow and Winter Lawn Care

              For most of us, the one good thing about colder weather means no more mowing! However, before you put that mower away for the season, make sure to plan your final cut. The recommended length for your winter yard is 2 inches. This is optimal to keep things healthy throughout the colder months. If things are shorter, you could permanently kill your healthy grass, inviting in weeds and clover. If things are longer, you are inviting in fungus and mold that could form under frost, snow, or even leaves! So, cut with purpose!
And as far as leaves go, make sure to rake or blow them off your yard to keep airflow to your grass. Now is a great time to aerate your lawn and spray for weeds as well. Don’t wait until Spring to kill off those pesky, unwanted growths in and around your yard!
Note- Now is the time to winterize your irrigation system! If we installed it, give us a call and we can get you on the schedule!

Prep Your Flower Beds and Gardens

                It’s a common misconception that flower beds and gardens are a waste of time during winter. Don’t lose your green thumb! Clearing and cleaning flower beds of debris during the fall shed will keep you busy, but this is also the time to assess what was and was not successful for you through the Spring and Summer. If some plants did not do well for you, now is the time to pull them up and prep your space for something new! If you want to plant something now, many common selections like daffodils and tulips bloom well in the spring when planted in the fall. So, bury those bulbs!
This is also the time to trim your perennials. Save them from winter bug invaders by trimming them back and tidying them up for the colder weather ahead.
As far as that garden is concerned, you don’t have to wait until spring to plant something new! Lots of hardy vegetables like carrots, beets, onions, broccoli, asparagus, and even salad greens will do well if you get them in the ground soon! Harvest the last of your spring and summer crops and prep your space now for a solid vegetable garden to get you through the winter!


Give Your Tools Some TLC

                It has been a long year for your tools, now is the time to thank them for their service! The last thing you want to do when spring rolls around and you are excited to get back outside is to have to derail your enthusiasm because you must prep your tools. Get them cleaned up, sharpened, de-rusted, and looking good before you store them away for the winter. Now is the time to fix any broken tools, replace any loose screws or bad parts, and get them in top shape. If you do that now, they will be ready and waiting for you when you are riding high to get back outside in the spring!
Note- Don’t forget your hoses! Disconnect and drain them, then roll them up to avoid anything getting damaged due to freezing temperatures.


Get That Fire Pit Ready

                Nothing is more relaxing than sitting outside by a fire on a cool fall night. There are countless methods for creating a beautiful fire pit for your outdoor living space. One google search will reveal more options than any one person could handle! Our advice? Give us a call and let Earthadelic design an outdoor oasis that is best suited for you and your space! You may even opt for something nicer like one of our incredible outdoor fireplaces! Let us do all the hard work and labor for you!
Note- Don’t forget to make arrangements for firewood!


Thanksgiving Curb Appeal

                Thanksgiving is next week! That means it is peak time to accentuate the fall colors outside to increase your curb appeal! We’re partial to orange here, but of course red and yellow will look great too. Decorate or refinish your planters with fall colors and get the house looking in first class shape for the Thanksgiving holiday! If you have trees that show off the fall colors, make them the focal point of your property right now! Those colors will be gone before we know it!


Make Plans for Holiday Decorations

                Speaking of fall colors disappearing, Christmas is just around the corner! Some people prefer to tackle their Christmas decorations early. We say go for it! Now is the time to begin planning how you want to make your home look holly jolly for the season! Don’t tackle it blind, make a plan now for what you want to do and how you want to execute it. You’ll have lots of decorations to pull from storage and be sure to test all your lights before you hang them up. Be safe and have fun!


Commonly when you start making plans for these projects, you begin to get big ideas of how things can be made even better. Let those daydreams take over and give us a call! We can transform your outdoor living space into something spectacular. We’re here to make your dreams a reality. Call Earthadelic at 865-806-1125!


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