July 2020

Another Landmark Project for Earthadelic

We are so excited to show you yet another landmark project for us!

Combining all of our talents in landscape, hardscape, and construction, our dedicated craftsman poured their hearts into this project!

Here are some highlights:


Perched on top of the Tennessee River, this immaculate outdoor living area boast many first for us!
Including the hand-hewn timbers to match the inside of the home, extensive FX Luminaire outdoor lighting, an in-floor cleaning system in the pool floor, and custom fabricated metal gates.
Another unique aspect of this project is that all of the stone used was locally sourced from the Cumberland Plateau!
All of the heavy timber was hand-hewn by one of our lead carpenters, Tommy Polte, to match the heavy timbers inside the home.
In woodworking, hewing is the process of converting a log from its rounded natural form into lumber (timber) with more or less flat surfaces using primarily an axe.
The copper accents really pop against the timbers and slate roof!
FX Luminaire is an industry-leading manufacturer of high-quality, high-efficiency landscape and architectural lighting. Used throughout the project, these strategically placed lights allow the homeowners to enjoy their new space once the sun goes down!
Check out the evolution of this project!
We have the BEST crew!
We also have the BEST clients that understand the process in making their dreams a reality!
Worth the wait!
We are now scheduling Fall/Winter 2020 projects!
Let us show you what we can do!

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