A new year is here and that means a new set of popular trends for both inside and outside your home are waiting for you to explore! After the disaster of the year that was 2020, let’s take some time to explore how some of these new styles can help elevate 2021!

Upgraded In-Home Office

We all spent more time at home in 2020 than ever before. 2021 looks to be on track to continue that tradition. With the pandemic still looking to stretch well into the summer, home offices will go from a nice addition to a must have! Upgrading offices into multi-functional spaces to help with virtual schooling and working from home is a safe bet to become a common occurrence in 2021.

Open Air Showers

Tubs are yesterday’s news. Master baths are set to become some of the most luxurious spots in the home in 2021. Open showers are at the top of the list. No more curtains, ditch the cloudy doors, and enjoy yourself in your own personal spa!

Industrial Style

Mixing metal with wood and brick is sweeping the nation. Modern homes are moving toward sleek minimalist designs and that trend isn’t going anywhere soon. Whether in the kitchen or living room, this bold style will make your home stand out from all the others.

In Home Greenery

If we can’t get outside, then we bring nature inside. In home plants will be more popular than ever in 2021! Lose the fake stuff and dive into some potting soil! Go big with trees as the accent point in your den or living room!

Zen Gardens and Impressive Relaxation Areas

Another side effect of being stuck at home in 2020 is the rise in this trend for 2021. Outdoor relaxation areas are more popular than ever. These areas are more than a bench and a birdbath… We’re talking incredible water features, built in stone seating, and custom landscaping! 2021 is the year of going big!

Nostalgia Style

Whether vintage retro or southern cottage, anything from the past is now the hottest trend of today. Accent your home with touches of yesterday in 2021. Whether it’s the newest vinyl record player or that classic picture frame out of grandma’s attic, if it’s vintage, it’s in!

Multi-Functional Outdoor Space

If you’re going to be at home, you should want to be at home! 2021 is the year of transforming your simple deck or patio into the multifunctional space of your dreams! Outdoor kitchens, integrated gardens, custom pools, play areas for the kids… if you can conceive it, 2021 is the year to build it.

Bricks, Mortar, and Stone

Oh my! Hardscaping is no longer just about your driveway or patio! Hardscaping is set to be a transformative trend in 2020. Accent walls, custom designs around the pool, and pathways throughout your space are going to become eye catching works of art this year!

Gardens for Sustainability All Year Long

The hobby is no longer just for the spring and summer. Fall and winter gardens are going to be bigger than ever! And gardens in 2021 aren’t just going to be for fun, expect to see more community gardens and outreach programs involving gardens as the pandemic stretches into 2021.

Native Horticulture

2020 saw a large interruption in a lot of supply chains. The end result is a focus on native plants in 2021. Bringing in some expensive plant from the west coast or across the ocean is officially outdated. We have the best native horticulture right here in East Tennessee! Expect to see more of it in the spotlight in 2021!

Outdoor Lighting

Speaking of spotlights, being outside isn’t just for the day time anymore! Whether illuminating your home and landscaping or lighting up your outdoor living space out back, lighting is set to go from an optional upgrade to a must have in all 2021 landscaping projects!

Hi-Tech Landscaping

Lighting isn’t the only technology taking over landscaping in 2021; the entire process is getting a high-tech makeover. From sophisticated, integrated designs to modern technology like irrigation systems, water features, and seamless turf incorporations, look for landscaping to go from simple to extraordinary in 2021!


More is more in 2021! Luckily for you, Earthadelic can tackle every single one of these emerging trends with the best customer service imaginable and an end result that will take your breath away. Give us a call today to set up your free consultation! We’ll take that crazy idea you have and turn it into the envy of the neighborhood!

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