April 2020

Happy National Gardening Month!
 Planting and tending a garden is a great way to improve your home’s aesthetic. In addition to being good for property value, planting a garden is also good for you as a person. Finding a single activity that involves exercise, mindfulness, delicious food, and fun, and that also happens right in your own backyard, is hard to find.

10 Benefits of Gardening:

1.) Exposure to Sunshine : Gardening outdoors increases your exposure to sunshine and vitamin D. Vitamin D is vital in helping your body absorb calcium, and promotes healthy bone growth!
Always remember to wear sunscreen!
2.) Fresh Air: Spending time outdoors in fresh air increases your oxygen intake, which increases serotonin. A rise in serotonin levels can improve your mood and you feel more refreshed and relaxed.
3.) Weight Loss: Gardening involves several aerobic and muscle-strengthening activities that burn calories and improve heart rate and circulation. Mowing, squatting to plant seeds or pull weeds, and raking are examples of gardening activities that help you stay fit!
4.) More Savings: Gardening helps reduce your grocery bill since you are spending less on fruits, vegetables, herbs, and other produce. Save money by growing as many of your favorite foods as possible in your garden!
5.) Flavorful Produce: Gardening ensures you get access to fresh fruits and vegetables the moment they’re ripe for the taking! Most produce available in grocery stores are picked and prepared for distribution before given a chance to fully ripen, which decreases their nutritional value.
6.) Organic Options: Gardening helps you avoid pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, and other chemicals often applied to commercial produce. Maintaining your own garden allows you to grow produce organically without the use of harmful chemicals.
7.) Stress Relief: Activities like gardening naturally reduce stress and anxiety due to factors like fresh air, sunshine, and a sense of accomplishment. Gardening naturally reduces the stress hormone cortisol, which has been linked to weight gain.
8.) Improved Sleep: Gardening promotes better sleep, which helps regulate your hormones and reduce the risk of illness and disease – including cancer.
9.) Increased Confidence: Gardening requires a lot of time, dedication, and hard work, but can make you feel highly accomplished when you finally start seeing the fruits (and vegetables!) of your labor.
10.) Quality time with loved ones: Gardening with your friends and family encourages healthy living as it gets everyone outdoors and excited about nutrition!

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