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The Water Wonderland Project

The Objectives:

We met our homeowners at a local home show and understood the vision they had for their outdoor living space immediately.  They explained that there was a lovely view of the mountains from their home, but no way to really enjoy it as the back deck was hidden from the line of site to the mountains. They also wanted new, and much needed, landscaping that would compliment the back yard and the view. In addition, a mountain stream with cascading waterfalls. My first visit to the home left me speechless as I looked at the grand view, vast and panoramic, of the Tennessee mountains. The objective was clear, the challenge was evident.

The Challenge:  

The first consideration was creating an outdoor living space that would allow the homeowners to enjoy the magnificent view in comfort while still being a part of an already existing outdoor living area on the back of their home. Often, separated areas on an estate can be difficult to bring together in such a way that everyone feels included when gathering together with guests or family. There was certainly some updating to do on the existing deck and landscape as well, and then, that little note about cascading waterfalls. To further add to the challenge, the enclosed back screen porch was outdated and not weather proof at all which meant it was a seasonal feature at best.

The Design Solution:

The design solution began with the water feature. Every single famous, and beloved, landscape throughout history, without exception, has a water feature running through its heart. We are drawn to them because of their soothing and calming effects. The placement of this aspect at the site was critical. A beautiful and natural stone patio with seating walls would allow for an enjoyable view of the majestic Tennessee mountains while a new overlay of “Trex Trandscend” for the existing deck and a custom glass sunroom update for the old screened porch allowed views to the stunning new landscape in comfort all year long. With all of the homeowners’ desires accounted for the installation could now begin.

The Installation Approach:

The custom stone patio was first, as all aspects of the new design would work around it. The next step was the water feature. The view, being so vast, meant a large and roaming stream, which gentle surrounded and meandered past the patio before making its way down the hill to an incredible series of waterfalls and finally arriving at a beautiful pond, complete with water lilies and Japanese koi. The water feature is surrounded with a massive perennial garden that explodes in seasonal color and attracts hundreds of butterflies. The new deck and sunroom are also now offering incredible views to the new landscaping and can be enjoyed all year.

The Result:

The homeowners are loving their new lifestyle and the transformation has not gone unnoticed by all their neighbors as well, who have slowed down while driving by and then come to the door, just to get a glimpse.

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