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The Hilltop Project

The Objectives:

It is often said that in order for a house to be a home, it needs a viable yard so that the outside may be just as enjoyable as the inside.  Nothing could be truer about the Hilltop estate.  In order to create an outdoor setting congruent to the ever impressive inside, our design team at had a tall order at hand.

The Challenge:  

At nearly 6 acres, the Hilltop estate is truly immaculate, and the exterior offered  boundless potential.   The sheer scale of this project and deciding upon which areas to impact posed a fundamental challenge.

The Design Solution:

With such a large property to digest, our design team first focused their efforts on the property as a whole.  After conceptualizing different spaces and function of the property, we began adding detail while narrowing focus with the intent of harmoniously connecting all areas.  This started with large estate-like trees, evergreens to add privacy to the back yard, and foundation as well as peripheral beds showcasing flowering shrubs to highlight the architecture of the beautiful home.

The Installation Approach:

Since we prescribe to the old adage ‘a plant is only as good as the soil it grows in’ we decided to import the most fertile and workable topsoil we could get our shovels on.  After sculpting sculpting and cultivating all of the bed spaces, it was time to craft a watering plan before bringing in the new nursery stock.  Given the large area we were dealing with, it was more practical l and eco-friendly to drill a well rather than rely on purified municipal water.  We partnered with a local well company and designed our irrigation system around the freshly tapped water source.   Once all of the large trees were in, we focused on accentuating plants followed by fresh sod to finish out the lawn and put the final shine on the new home.

The Result:

The Hilltop home is one of the most beautiful landscapes Earthadelic has ever nurtured.  From precise design tactics to detailed installation & craftsmanship, this gorgeous home now has a striking exterior to match the interior. And more importantly, an exterior that the homeowners are proud of!

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