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The Clabough Project

The Objectives:

To create an outdoor living area that offered the feel of a mountain stream, but also contained the elements of fire, lighting, and plenty of area for entertainment.

The Challenge:  

The creation of a natural water feature in Tennessee is normally as easy going as a walk in the park, however, Mark and Judy Clabough had a flat yard to begin with. Yes, even in Tennessee some folks do have a flat yard and this is where the tremendous challenge comes in. Done poorly, a project like this looks worse than just contrived, it looks like gophers on steroids moved on to your property and the end result can be a major disappointment.

The Design Solution:

The Clabough home is a beautiful study in interior décor that rivals a museum of warmth, comfort, and beauty, both in taxidermy from Mark’s worldwide hunting trips and Judy’s impeccable taste in art deco and painting décor. They have also gone to great lengths with many massive window views to ensure that the outside landscape became an intimate part of the homes feel from inside. The first step was, without question, terra forming. That meant a lot of soil being brought in to drastically change the lay of the land, as it were.

The Installation Approach:

Step one, before any real construction could begin, was to take care of all primary drainage that was going to be changed through the terra forming process. The re-routing of downspouts, special consideration to all runoff in major rain events, and the strategic capture of water to serve the needs of newly installed landscaping were carefully executed. Next was the excavation to the proper sub-base which would hold the footers for the patio, seat wall, and fire pit. Tremendous care and concern was given to progressively lower elevations over the ‘130’ of stream to be installed, with waterfalls along the way, so that when you entered the stream head, you were slowly brought to the nestled living areas with the feeling of invited comfort and serenity beside the placid and crystal clear pond, which gently surrounds and embraces the patio. Special attention was given to the streams meandering design and sound levels, which invoke incredibly peaceful feelings while still allowing quiet and intimate conversations. Finally the custom perennial gardens, shrubbery, and tress were installed to compete the look and feel of all that we naturally see and experience in these settings throughout our great state.

The Result:

The setting rivals many places we travel to in the mountains to escape the day to day stresses we all face. Mark and Judy are so excited to have this kind of experience right outside their back door and a local high school was so taken by the project that the senior class came and had their graduation pictures taken. The Clabough’s have absolutely enjoyed and embraced their new life style, entertaining friends, family, and the new realization that the mountains are no longer an hour away, their just beyond the back door.

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