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Puckett Outdoor Kitchen & Landscape Project

The Objectives:

(1) integrate our client’s grand vision with our own by taking a basic, dysfunctional back yard and creating an outdoor masterpiece complete with a large scale kitchen, grill room and patio; (2) design and install a new driveway, parking area and entrance to the front of the house; and (3) design and install a sloped landscape to accentuate the entire back yard space with a colorfully animated garden and plenty of privacy.

The Challenge:  

The back yard had an extreme slope and accessibility was an issue. We knew from the initial visit that transforming it into an outdoor family area would require a great deal of demolition and excavation.

The Design Solution:

After a careful analysis of the peculiar characteristics of the property, Earthadelic first mapped out a grading and drainage plan to address the slope challenges. Once the elevation contours were revised, a retaining wall and steps were woven into the perimeter of the two-tiered patio footprint. Then the main driveway and parking extension were connected to the back patio by blending colors and materials in a functional and attractive fashion. Finally, smooth transitions were accomplished using accent stripes, circular patterns and a second patio tier for the grill.

The Installation Approach:

Grading the Puckett site was a major part of the initial phase of work. Establishing timing for and coordinating the next phases was key, as setting the site’s layout and base material were to happen in the same step. Once the patio and walls were in place, it was time to spice it up with an extra large countertop and grill area covered by a sizable pergola finished with rough cedar. The slope was landscaped with a mixture of unique evergreens and flowering shrubs accentuated by boulders for relief and texture. Later, the entire setting was woken up by professional lighting to offer striking nighttime effect.

The Result:

A seasoned craftsman of both construction arts and outdoor grilling, Mr. Puckett was delighted with the finished product. He said, “I’ve waited my entire life to have this type of outdoor luxury. I have spent the last five years planning this to be the way I wanted it and I couldn’t ask for it to be more perfect.






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