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Poindexter Pool Overlay

The Objectives:

To install a pool deck overlay and surrounding landscaping.

The Challenge:  

Mr. & Mrs. Poindexter originally contacted Earthadelic about their pool decking being in need of a renovation. Upon initial examination the challenges were painfully evident. Half of the decking around the pool was concrete, which did not drain well at all, and the other half of the decking was mortared flagstone that had failed and heaved up in many places. Removal of all the existing decking would have been very costly demolition and all of that cost incurred prior to any new renovation taking place. The landscaping was also due for a much needed face lift and although it was small in scope, it was key to visually softening the completed project.

The Design Solution:

The answer was found in doing a pool deck overlay. Overlays are a slightly thinner than usual paver which can be placed on top of the existing decking, without any demolition, that absolutely transform the existing pool to “Brand New”.

The Installation Approach:

The first step of the project was to repair the existing bull nose at the edge of the pool. It was loose and cracking so all of it was re-mortared for true integrity. With the bull nose repaired, the crew then checked all aspects of the grades on the deck to ensure that proper drainage would exist on the finished deck, an old boulder slide was removed, and the existing landscape was torn out. The “Overlay” system was now ready to install and all without several thousand dollars being spent to remove all the old decking. With all preparations made, the old decking was carefully covered in the proper bedding material and the new “Overlay” system, including new custom bullnose, was installed. The final touches came with the installation of fresh perennial beds for high color and stunning contrast.

The Result:

The result was an absolutely gorgeous new pool deck that has become a joy for the Poindexter family. The Poindexter’s have had many gatherings since the projects completion and feel like they, once again, can be proud of the way there outdoor living area looks. Moreover, the project cost was very acceptable, far less than anything else they had been quoted, and brought superior results that are permanent

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