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Mountain Top Project

The Objectives:

The objectives of this project were to level the sloped back yard in order to create a comfortable living area of peace and privacy.

The Challenge:  

The challenge was that the existing back lawn area was very small in size and too steep to enjoy in any way and yet, our client’s had a very distinct vision for a level green lawn area that offered comfortable seating and privacy. After many conversations and careful considerations a final plan was approved and the project was underway.

The Design Solution:

The solution was to level the sloped back yard and create a custom stone wall that would make the area look and feel even bigger.

The Installation Approach:

The first step of execution was the construction of a custom stone wall approximately “90’ in length and ‘3’ tall that would allow for a much larger back yard that was not only level, but big enough to incorporate the new features of the outdoor living area. At this point, careful attention was given to rerouting all aspects of drainage, power, and irrigation. A second “living” boulder wall was constructed, another specific vision the clients had, and planted in a spectacular array of Sedums and Sempervivens. It was this second wall that allowed for a slightly elevated area which allowed for a powerful view of the entire new outdoor sanctuary. Next was the installation of a custom flagstone patio, approximately ‘350’ square feet, tied gently into the lower serpentine wall and then a water feature, or balanced eco-system, with ‘80’ of stream that meanders to a’18’ X ‘22’ pond, complete with water lilies and Japanese koi, that runs all the way from the elevated viewing area down to the patio. The final stage was an extensive ornamental landscape, including rare Japanese maples and lavish perennial gardens, that create an extensive display of color throughout all four seasons of the year.

The Result:

The end result was not only metamorphic-it’s visually stunning. The entire area is full of intrigue and there are endless views as you sit at different elevations, all allowing unique perspectives. Our clients are now enjoying the new environment often with friends and family and maintain it has become their favorite place on the estate.


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