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McManamy Deck & Patio

The Objectives:

The objectives were to build a brand new deck combined with a restored paver patio. The end result is nothing less than dramatic.

The Challenge:  

The old deck that existed at the McManamy residence was of poor quality and far from user friendly. An antiquated ergonomic nightmare-It had to go.

The Design Solution:

The patio would need to lay in to the new deck design and the old patio pavers had a certain look of age that was perfect for the renovation.

The Installation Approach:

Initial work efforts concentrated on removing the old deck, restructuring all primary drainage, and preparing all the old pavers to be reset in the new patio design. The new deck would be #1 grade treated lumber, eventually stained, with inset stairs and custom metal balusters for a defined look of simple elegance. Intimate L.E.D. lighting for enjoyable evening experiences was integrated along with clematis vines for accent.

The Result:

The new paver patio, made from reclaimed pavers, has a beautiful and timeless look & feel and completes the overwhelming sense of peace & sanctuary afforded by this timeless space. Sometimes the most favorable & comforting features of an outdoor living space are the secure reminders of unchanging stability.